Monday, January 10, 2011

Let it Snow!

First a flashback from yesterday:
This is Jonah watching "Alice" (Alice in Wonderland) on the way to church. As you can see he's quite expressive! We love listening to and observing his reactions to each scene. He's probably viewed this movie 20 times, but every time he responds as if it were the first. :)

And today was a SnOw DaY!! Daddy worked from home and we LOVED iT! Our days with him are so much more fun than the days without him! We were quite productive together . . . Allen worked diligently at the kitchen table while I nested and Jonah ran back and forth between the two of us. I've been cleaning and organizing like mad lately. . . It's a compulsion I can't restrain (imagine that!). I did laundry and sorted through baby clothes most of the day. I have a huge pile to consign. I can hardly wait for the March sale!! I get to buy BoY clothes AND GIRL clothes this time!! :) (Allen groans) ;)

Jonah has been counting all day. He has amazed us with his understanding of numbers. . . He's putting together two, three, four and seven, eight, nine. . . and he randomly says five, six. We just need to work on one and ten and streaming them together in consecutive order. . . ;) It's amazing how excited Allen and I get over the smallest signs of comprehension and maturity we see in Jonah. He's NeW every day (even still) and one of the greatest joys of our lives! :)

These were taken tonight at Zaxby's. We decided to brave the roads. They weren't as bad as we expected. . . This is Jonah feeding Daddy a granola bar. :)
Daddy got a bit carried away as you can see! ;)
And after a quick run to Walmart we decided to play in the snow. . . Jonah's not exactly dressed for the occasion, I know. . . no gloves, no scarf, no hat . . . He is, however, wearing boots (the most important part). :)

Daddy taught Jonah how to pack and throw snow balls. . .

and make footprints

We had lots of fun!
As you can see, Jonah wasn't exactly happy when we decided it was time to come in! :)
Have you ever seen a cuter cry face?! I mean really! :)

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