Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our Sophisticate

Quite the little sophisticate, don't you think?! :)It's been another eventful day with Mom's health . . . several new concerns, more tests, and no progress at all toward diagnosis and treatment (at least that's how it feels). I'm too exhausted to go into details, but please pray if she comes to mind. She really needs it.


Adrian said...

Oh Jess. . . so sorry to hear this latest news. Still believing in the POWER of prayer and rejoicing that God is FOR your mom. . . not against. Encouraged by the true freedom and peace she finds in Christ alone - keep me updated.

Lindsey said...

I had a bad feeling last night so I tried to call you. I know your family is under so much and it pains me to see you hurt and your mother be in this situation. She is such an amazing woman.

I'm believing with Adrian! God will show his mighty glory through your mother. She is truly a vessel that He can use.

love you. let me know if I can do anything. do you need meals? Your parents?