Monday, January 3, 2011

Silly Boy

Mimi and Popi bought Jonah this kitchen for Christmas, and he's become quite the cook (particularly after bath). Cutest dimple bottom ever! ;)Wrestling with Dad. . . another favorite past time of Jonah's these days.
Sweet baby Jonah resting in Eve's new moses basket (I believe this could also rightly be called regression) ;) Thank you, Mimi! You are the master of moses baskets!! It's GORGEOUS!!
And we found this at Goodwill last week and couldn't pass it up. $16 well spent. Jonah LOVES to JuMP! He counts as he does. . . "two, five" and this morning he added "six" . . . Such a big boy! :)


Adrian said...

LOVE the moses basket - and Jonah in it is so cute! While cleaning out Cole's 'memory drawer' yesterday (his crafts, papers, etc.) I found four pacifiers from years ago. Cole has had a BALL playing with them. . . regression is right! Ha!
I also love the find at Goodwill - what a fun (and burn-off-energy-during-the-winter) toy!

Lindsey said...

Ok, first - that naked booty cooking is hysterical! He's the naked chef part deux! And we must have that kitchen.

Second, I LOVe the moses basket! absolutely beautiful! It looks perfect for Eve.